Jewellery Boxes and Packaging

One of the problems with running a store is how to add value to packaging. It may sound like a minor thing but customers appreciate details; this applies doubly so to such things as jewellery boxes packaging, where the packaging has to look attractive as well as be able to protect the item in question. This makes for a lot of interesting decision making, especially considering how many different options there are available for packaging. It is just a matter of deciding which features the merchant wishes to accentuate and going from there. 

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Most of the decisions are going to involve deciding which is more important, protection or expense. Most merchants decide to worry more about expense, and so purchase cheaper boxes with some sort of additional packaging material. The packaging material is usually designed so as to protect the item in the box but scuffs but is unlikely to secure the item; a ring in such a box is likely to be easily shaken about the box but is unlikely to be actually damaged. These boxes are relatively cheap and make life easy for the merchant.

However, other merchants are more interested in making sure that the item is secured in the packaging. This not only makes sure that it does not move around in the packaging and is therefore less susceptible to breakage or other damage but can also be used to enhance the appearance of the item. This ensures that not only does the item arrive in one piece to wherever it is going but that it also looks great, adding a little bit to the experience of opening it. That little bit of added experience is well worth it to the customer, ensuring that the customer will come back at a later date.

Will either route is acceptable for jewellery boxes packaging, the merchant needs to debate which approach is better for his shop. Some merchants do not really care, and so it is only necessary to buy small boxes with the appropriate packaging material, usually thick paper or felt, sometimes some sort of smooth cloth. Others, however, believe in making the product like its best, and so provide packaging that allows for some sort of presentation, such as holding a watch up or allowing a charm a little dangle. While both are acceptable the latter adds a little something extra in the form of an added experience that really makes the item shine and customers return.